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I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in March 2018 at age 74.

I accepted the diagnosis. In fact, it was a relief, knowing what was causing my forgetfulness and confusion. Since then, I’ve been dealing with it on a day-to-day basis.

I experienced great care and respect from my family physician and his staff. As well, the staff at my local Alzheimer Society couldn’t be better. I attend their Minds in Motion program.

For some time, my family and close friends had realized that there had been changes in my personality, so they were not surprised when they heard about my diagnosis. My family accepted it and have been understanding and helpful. My wife is so wonderful, and we are learning about Alzheimer’s together.

I haven’t felt any stigma. Most people I associate with seem to understand how I am, thank God! I think attitudes have become more accepting, partly because more people are dealing with it, but I would also say that the more the general public learns about dementia, the better we all would be.

For example, the programs offered by the Alzheimer Society like Minds in Motion have been invaluable to me. They help me learn what life with dementia is all about. Group interactions and discussions between people who live with dementia and those who don’t makes for more comfortable situations, which lead to better understanding and less stigma.


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